IELA WEBINAR SERIES 2022 “Adapting and Transforming the Activity of the English Language and Literature Teaching in Disruptive Era”

Saturday (27/08/2022). International Web Seminar with the theme “Adapting and Transforming the Activity of the English Language and Literature Teaching in Disruptive Era successfully held by the Indonesia English Lecturer Association (IELA) on Saturday, August 27, 2022. This event presenting three speakers: Dr. Heng Ee How from Malaysia English Language Teaching Association (MELTA), Dr. (C) Abdullah Farih, S.Pd, SE, MM, M.Pd from Universitas Islam Lamongan and Dr. Yohanes Gatot Sutapa Yuliana, M.Pd from Universitas Tanjungpura, Indonesia. The host of this event was Dr. Novalita Fransisca Tungka, S.S., M.Pd and the moderator was Dr. Dwi Fita Heriyawati, M.Pd.

The international web seminar presented three topics. The first was ‘Self-regulated learning, experiential learning, reflection, the role of instructors and English language teaching during the pandemic and endemic by Dr. Heng Ee How. The second was ‘Integrating ELT in the flipped classroom’ by Abdullah Farih, S.Pd, SE, MM, M.Pd. The third was ‘Self-Directed Learning: The Power of Adapting Personal Autonomy for English Teaching in Disruptive Era by Dr. Yohanes Gatot Sutapa Yuliana, M.Pd.

The president of IELA, Dr. Daniel Ginting explained that adapting or adaptability is unavoidable in human life. People adapt to something because they are facing, challenging, and changing with the situation. Teachers have shaped online learning, but eventually, they become familiar with teaching using technology. Now, teachers are turning into new normal, with everything seeming to over another challenge to teachers. It means that adaptability becomes never-ending activity. He hopes that this event can give the participants insight as a teacher to start giving examples, demonstrating learning strategies, and motivating the students in the teaching and learning process. He said that “Students are the generation that will be the life of nations in the future, and the nation’s future is determined by how teachers are prepared today.”

There were about a hundred participants who joined the zoom meeting platform. Some followed live streaming from YouTube Channel IELA. Many questions were delivered to the three keynote speakers, and it indicated that the participants were interested in the topics presented by each speaker. The international web seminar was closed with a photo session with the speakers, the committee, and all the participants.

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