Benefits of Joining IELA

There are some benefits of becoming an IELA Member :

Individual membership 

1. Eligible to engage in all IELA activities
2. Obtain financial dispensation for all IELA paid activities
3. Eligible to be elected as an administrator
4. Eligible to apply as the speaker in a seminar conducted by IELA to obtain academic recognition

Institutional membership

  1. IELA enables connection to collaborate with others Higher Educational Institution;
  2. IELA enables exposure of each institution’s activities and programs;
  3. Accreditation form;
  4. Eligibility to host seminar activities and manage all affairs, including funding;
  5. Eligibility to get the support from IELA experts in the formulation of internal policies of institutions such as curriculum (e.g., gain legitimacy);
  6. Eligibility to include the logo in the journal of the institution;
  7. Eligibility to all access in implementing the tri dharma of higher education together IELA and other institutions that are members of IELA