Press Release: IELA 3rd International Virtual Seminar and Launching IELA Member Digitalization on English Language Teaching: Leading a Paradigm Shift during and after the Pandemic

Sunday, March 1, 2021

Sunday (1/3/2021). International Virtual Seminar IELA 3 and launching IELA member with the theme Digitalization on English Language Teaching: Leading a Paradigm Shift during and after the Pandemic successfully held on Monday, March 1, 2021, presenting four speakers: Dr. Gumawang Jati, M.Pd, President of Itel, Associate Professor Dr. Daniel Ginting, M.Pd, Prof. Ivor Timmis from the United Kingdom, and Carla Queiroz, M.A, Ph.D. from Angola. 

The Chair of Steering Committee, Delli Sabudu, S.Pd, M.A from The State University of Manado, expected that the international webinar could promote more collaborations among Indonesian scholars and overseas scholars in doing research, book-chapters writings, and publications. Andini Linarsih, M.A(TESOL) from Tanjungpura University, the secretary of IELA, reported some benefits of becoming IELA members, such as being eligible to be speakers of IELA international webinars, getting financial dispensation for IELA activities, and many more. She also introduced two types of memberships in IELA, individual membership and institutional membership. 

Four moderators introduced and led the presentation. They were Dra. Yani Sri Mulyani, M.M, Ahmad Ridho Rojabi, M.Pd, Nining Ismiyani, S.Pd, M.EIL, and Ridan Nurfalah, M.Com. 

The international virtual seminar consisted of four topics. The first was ‘Artificial Intelligence and Writing: in the case of ITB Students by Dr. Gumawang Jati, M.Pd. Then, Dr. Daniel Ginting, M.Pd brought the topic of Emergency Remote Teaching: The Interplay of Technology and Cognitive Loads. Professor Ivor Timmis, Ph.D. talked about Encouraging learners to talk in the classroom’ Carla Queiroz, M.A, Ph.D. concluded the session with the topic Research Proposal as the Blueprint of Our Research Project: Challenge and Key Considerations.

The enthusiasm of the participants who attended this international virtual seminar was extraordinary. Five hundred participants joined the zoom meeting platform. Some followed live streaming from YouTube Channel IELA. Many questions posed to the four speakers indicated the participants’ interest in the topics presented by each speaker. The event was closed with a photo session with the speakers, the international webinar committee, and all the participants.


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